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De Engelstalige onderzoeksgegevens staan van geordend van meest recent (bovenaan) naar oud (onderaan) op enkele uitzonderingen na (wegens overzetting gegevens).

Most Indonesian Parents Fear Cyberbullying: Survey

Indonesian parents are overwhelmingly concerned their children are more likely to be bullied online than in the playgrounds, a recent survey has found. The global survey, launched by cybersecurity provider Norton by Symantec in February, found 98 percent of respondents fear for the safety of their children online.

More teen girls are victims of cyber bullying than boys

Twice as more teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 15 are subjected to cyber bullying than boys of the same age group in the UK, a new study has revealed.

There’s a gender gap in bullying — watch it widen as kids grow up

Every other year, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is required to collect data on “key education and civil rights issues in our nation’s public schools.” A few years ago, the survey grew to include reports of bullying and harassment.

An analysis of the 2011-2012 school year data show that disparities between bullying and harassment on the basis of sex increase between boys and girls as they progress through school. While girls at every level are harassed on the basis of their sex at a higher rate than boys, the disparities increase with age.

Why do kids under-report cyberbullying?

A recently released survey found that children are under-reporting cyberbullying to their parents.

Nearly 90 per cent of parents surveyed in the Protecting Canadian Families Online survey released last week thought their children would tell them if they were cyberbullied, yet the survey shows that only eight per cent of youth do.


Cyberbullying hits close to home

There’s a common thread in many of the Grenada police reports these days.
   In one case, an ex-wife is stalking her former spouse because she is sending threatening texts and calling incessantly.
   In another case, one woman is irate at another because a third person has gone to jail. She vents her anger through texts that promise bodily harm and degradation.
   The crime of cyberstalking is becoming more common in the Lake City, and police detectives say they’re having to be aware of the crime.  

Standing up to the bully

Bullying, a common phenomenon in schools, is a problem that needs to be addressed. Eight-year-old Anoop does not like travelling by school bus as the older boys tend to make fun of him, while nine-year-old Ann’s fervent prayer is that her classmate Shaliya will change school as she constantly picks on Ann. Children are ostrtacised, they are physically assaulted, there is verbal and emotional assault…

Extreme case of cyberbullying

Police investigating case of Year 9 SA girl taped and tied to tree and ‘sexually assaulted’ in extreme cyber bullying incident


Cyber bullying makes the child dangerously timid

According to a new study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), one in every four Indian teenager has been a victim of cyber bullying. The data is more staggering in the West where two in every four teenager have fallen prey to this crime.
City-based psychiatrist, Aruna Sikdar says that cyberbullying is one of the main reasons behind the increasing rate of teen suicide in India. "It not only undermines the child's confidence but also affects his or her psyche. In most cases, the child becomes very timid and self-conscious," she informs.

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