Most Indonesian Parents Fear Cyberbullying: Survey

Indonesian parents are overwhelmingly concerned their children are more likely to be bullied online than in the playgrounds, a recent survey has found. The global survey, launched by cybersecurity provider Norton by Symantec in February, found 98 percent of respondents fear for the safety of their children online.

Of the 21,300 respondents from 21 countries, 37 percent agreed it is more likely children will be intimidated online than in the rest of their lives.Meanwhile, 61 percent were concerned their children would be bullied online and 73 percent said their children had already fallen victim to cyber-crime.

"Protecting children in the online world has become a bigger burden for parents than previous problems," Choon Hong Chee, Norton's consumer business Asia director, said recently.

"It is due to cyberbullying, online predators and privacy issues, which have increasingly raised concerns in the real world." The survey, published by research institute Edelman Berland and Morar Consulting, also showed 68 percent of respondents have feared their children provide too much private information to strangers, with 69 percent were worried their children were interested in meeting strangers.

Norton has recommended families hold open conversations on online activities, as well as exercise more control over their time spent online.